Vision and mission

•In every five year plan government is trying to always focus and solve the issue of unemployment, which can’t be solved unless and until we install more and more industries, which means the students who are passing out from management colleges or engineering backgrounds or misc. should open up their own industries, but for which they must require capital investment and extraordinary talent, but which is one in a million. Now comes the biggest questions how and when will we be able to solve this issue of unemployment for the average and below average students. When we saw the concept of Google AdSense it was the exact answer to our question. In the beginning, it was very thrilling, but still why people in India are not able to harness its power is, awareness: “as most of the Indian youngsters and even the elderly people do not know what is it and how it will work for them”, second is: “how to own and manage a website?”, because for that either you should be a website designer or should have an investment for a website, because for generating income from Google ad sense you must have your own manageable website.
•Now even if you get a website, then who is going to train you for making earnings for Google AdSense? Because just owning a website and registering a  website in Google ad sense will not guarantee earnings, you need to have a proper training from a person who is already a master in AdSense business.
• For all these issues one day we launched Decoracion Digital Marketing Services, which aimed at empowering and training all the willing students for becoming IT based Entrepreneurs or Google AdSense webmasters. The basic motto of the project is “Keeping Technology Simple”. The beauty of this project is that it solves all the problems discussed earlier, first, awareness, we organize events, seminars, conventions for awakening the people about Google AdSense. Second, we provide platform and tools with the help of which people can install their high quality and latest technology website with 3 simple clicks, without having any knowledge of website designing or development. If a person just knows how to browse the internet, he can manage, edit, install his website without any issue. Third, as our project has already made fortune for thousands of students all over India, so we have these people as trainers for the new comers who train them, motivate them, and assist them for attaining success in the industry through the person’s very own website which he gets by admitting in this project. We also provide online computer courses for increasing their website ranking in the major search engines, also many other computer courses complementary in this project.

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled. In other words, the entrepreneur is anyone who spots an opportunity and decides to pursue it regardless of the resources currently at their disposal. They see what could be and find a way to make it happen, even if they don’t have everything on hand to do so right now. It’s a leap—a risk—but someone has to take such leaps if we want to develop innovative new products, build better organizations, and keep our companies and the larger economy strong and healthy. The Government of India has undertaken several initiatives and instituted policy measures to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. Job creation is a foremost challenge facing India. With a significant and unique demographic advantage, India, however, has immense potential to innovate, raise entrepreneurs and create jobs for the benefit of the nation and the world.

Recognising the importance of young entrepreneurship and economic participation in enabling the country’s growth and prosperity, Taking inspiration from government schemes such as “MAKE IN INDIA” , “DIGITAL INDIA” , “SKILL INDIA” and “STATUP INDIA” Decoracion Digital Marketing Services Pvt Ltd has ensured that we can help the students of India to grow and prosper in all the best possible manner . If we will make this the habit of our young generation we can surely cope up with problems we are facing due to unemployment, underemployment, lack of resources.